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Refuel, Challenge, LEAD

With Lisa & SoulFood Journey

Leaders of high performance teams and/or organisations need to be prepared to refuel and challenge themselves and their staff for continuous personal and professional growth.

We all want greater clarity of thought, vitality and an ability to think & perform more creatively.

With specific habits and techniques, you can.

Techniques that will help you optimize performance, gain greater mental clarity in decision-making and inspire your team to achieve more through a demonstrated commitment to health and vitality in business.

Discover these techniques to Refuel, Challenge and Lead – Now.

1. Refuel

How can you lead and perform at your best, inspire employees and think with greater clarity if you are not at your best, feeling exhausted, run down, depleted, burnt out or just dragging around excess weight?

The often nightly/weekly dinners spent entertaining clients and numerous lunch meetings can take their toll, especially when you add the bottles of wine that sometimes go with it.

It might be time to refuel the body, mind and spirit for optimum performance.

2. Challenge

Without challenging ourselves, we don’t grow.

Growth is IN the challenge. To think creatively we need to challenge ourselves.

Understand your blocks that hold you back.

Face those fears and overcome them with grace yet determination.

3. Lead

Walk the talk people!

If you want to truly lead, true leadership requires action.

Actions inspire others to follow your lead and sometimes that also means showing vulnerability.

YOU need to REFUEL your body, mind and spirit.

YOU need to CHALLENGE yourself.

YOU can then LEAD effectively with clarity of mind, vitality and greater effectiveness.

How do you Refuel, Challenge and Lead?

1. Learn the SKILLS and TOOLS required to take yourself and your teams to greater levels of health, clarity and effectiveness.  Delivered either in a workshop format or as a more personalised program, learn:

  • What does living a healthy lifestyle mean?
  • That you can meditate and what the benefits are both personally and professionally?
  • The art of journaling. How to clear through the crap and self-coach, getting raw, getting real.

2. Private One on One Coaching Programs.

  • Personalised to individual needs, concerns and desires
  • Tailored to reinforce and cement learning’s from workshops or retreats
  • An ongoing commitment to health, happiness and vitality.

3. Tailored Retreats for teams and individuals to dive deep, learn and grow by practicing life long skills for greater health, happiness and vitality.

  • Wellness: What’s a healthy foundation?
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Outdoor activities
  • Sessions designed specifically to your business needs

What some of Lisa’s clients have to say:

I trust Lisa with the clients who trust me for advice and guidance.  It’s that simple, as well as that big.  As a strategic consultant your greatest asset is the deep relationships you have with your clients and the trust they place on you for advice, honesty and the valuable networks you can introduce.

Lisa, through her breadth of corporate and life experience, mix of extraordinary skills and her holistic approach, embodies that extended value to which you strive to introduce clients.  Be it in a facilitation role or in a coaching capacity, Lisa’s style is very inviting and encouraging. The way that she is able to interweave an understanding of the corporate environment with advice for pursuing a more sustaining life through health, nutrition, cultural and creativity underpins her holistic approach.    I welcome the opportunity of introducing Lisa further to my clients and also my colleagues.

Alan Scott


Lisa is a generous, spirited and courageous person who has a passion for nutrition and helping others to achieve the best in their lives through lifestyle changes. She is a gifted writer and her blog inspires others with its openness and honesty.

Danielle Street

Marketing Manager

Lisa gave me great insight into the power of food and inspired me to take a leap and follow my heart. She is an inspiration.



Even people who feel confident about healthy food and lifestyle choices will benefit from working with Lisa. Over the past year Lisa has been a supportive and understanding mentor with a great awareness of my motivations and emotional drive.


Account Executive

About Lisa

Lisa Wiedrich photo

Holistic Health & Wellness Mentor – Chef – Mother

Lisa Wiedrich is a consummate foodie and free-spirited world traveller who has a natural ability to inspire and nurture those around her with her spirit and her plate!

Lisa creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to create health in mind, body and soul as a path to happiness.

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