Are you feeling exhausted?

Stressed out?

Juggling work & family?

Are you feeling stuck and can’t seem to get ‘unstuck?

Do you want more energy in your life and to start feeling young again?

Perhaps you’ve also hit that time in your life where you’ve started to see friends and colleagues having heart attacks and facing other life threatening illnesses that are impacting their quality of life. You may be wondering if you will be next? Are you ready to make the changes necessary so you aren’t on the same path as those around you?

Have you still got another 10-20 years in the workforce and a family to support?

Are you wondering how you will have the energy to keep going?

Do you just need a day to chill and refocus on what is important in life?

If any of that resonates with you, then you need to join us for a day of discovering the answers to living a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

What are you waiting for?

Life is precious and it is yours to live and enjoy.

Are you ready to live it?



Join Lisa Wiedrich & Colleen Scott to:


  • Think and perform with greater clarity
  • Clear through the crap and clutter to create a life you love
  • Discover some simple and practical techniques to give you greater vitality.
  • Invigorate your body.
  • Feel more energized.

What you will experience


  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Healthy Habits workshop
  • Stress Management strategies
  • A deeper connection to life


What some of our clients have said after attending one of our Retreats:


‘Awesome, awesome, awesome! Beautiful people.’


‘Gave me the tools to achieve my goals’


‘Informative & soulful and left me wanting more of the same’


‘Great range of physical and emotional tools for everyday life’


‘This workshop was designed for me. So many ways to de-stress, nurture & self care. Thank you for a lovely day.’ – Catherine


‘What a relaxing and centering day. Open and informative. I’m leaving refreshed and focussed. Thank you.’ – Elizabeth


‘I’m so glad I had the chance to experience this journey with amazing, beautiful women.’ – Krystal


‘Found the event was an enlightening experience on how to release negativity and in self love and healing’ – Janette


“Lisa is a generous, spirited and courageous person who has a passion for nutrition and helping others to achieve the best in their lives through lifestyle changes. She is a gifted writer and her blog inspires others with its openness and honesty.” – Danielle


“Lisa gave me great insight into the power of food and inspired me to take a leap and follow my heart. She is an inspiration.” – Gemma



Prana House 3





Melbourne: 2nd October , Williamstown Yoga & Meditation Centre, Williamstown


Brisbane: 13th August, SoulSpace, NewFarm



$149.50 each if you bring a friend

(includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day)

You will also receive an awesome gift bag to take home with you, filled with handpicked goodies, so you can continue your new rituals at home.

For all other contact enquiries:

About Lisa

Lisa Wiedrich photo

Holistic Health & Wellness Mentor – Chef – Mother

Lisa Wiedrich is a consummate foodie and free-spirited world traveller who has a natural ability to inspire and nurture those around her with her spirit and her plate!

Lisa creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to create health in mind, body and soul as a path to happiness.

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