Well, here I am.. Or we are.
Finally in Bali.
Exhausted, replenishing.

I decided to make the temporary move to Bali.
Actually, I’m finding this a difficult blog to write.
Very unlike me.

I think there’s just been so much on over the last month in particular; I kind of don’t know where to start. I ran a market stall, and created and ran Balinese cooking classes.
Turns out they were a hit with corporate teams too. Who would have thought!

I packed up my home, said my goodbyes and not without a few hiccups along the way (like the Virgin ground crew not wanting to let me on the plane due to their lack of Visa knowledge), landed at our new home in Ubud, Bali.

And wow, the fears!

Some weeks, some days were completely fine, focused, head down, bum up as they say!
Then some days it would hit me and I’d think ‘what the hell am I doing’?
How am I going to pull this off?
How am I going to support my children and myself?
Am I completely nuts? Many would say YES, I know.
Do I give into it or do I continue to listen to my heart even if my head thinks I’m crazy too!

I was fortunate enough to have the support of wonderful friends and family who believe in me (even if they do quietly think I’m nuts from time to time – understandably so).

They took the edge off the fear. As did complete strangers when they heard of my vision and my adventures. Keep in contact! Add me to your mailing list! Sounds awesome! … Just some of the comments and feedback that I kept hearing.

Oh yeah… that helped!

I guess I feel it’s my duty to my soul to listen to its whispers, to follow the signs, to feel it’s energy and in spite of the fear, live out it’s purpose.

I think that will be my legacy to my children. I went to see Oprah live the other night and she also talked about listening to your soul along with your legacy.
I realize that’s definitely part of mine. Instilling in my children that life is best lead when you take certain risks. Following your dreams and your heart. Of course you need to calculate them and not just be completely reckless with them, but you also don’t want to live a life ruled by fears, especially those imposed by society. You know the ones…. Where it says you need to own your own house, have a stable long-term job, get married, have kids, blah blah blah. I’m not saying any of that is bad, not at all, but I’m just saying there’s a stigma associated with not having these things that can then lead to irrational fears.

Anyway, I talk often enough about facing and overcoming fears, as many of you will know, so I’ll move on now.

Even though I’m a bit out of my comfort zone, I feel I’m where I need to be.
Turns out I’m living directly across the road from the beautiful resort that I’ll be holding my retreats/camps at.

I didn’t plan it that way at all. We pulled up outside our new home and we all just looked at each other incredulous. What are the odds?
That’s going to make it a little easier to set up and co-ordinate then isn’t it?
Synchronicity at it’s best?

And that’s one of the main reasons I decided to move here. To establish these awesome retreats.

They have become my obsession and focus. I don’t think I’ve felt more aligned with any ‘work’ or ‘concept’ that I’ve created or undertaken.
They combine all the gifts I have to share with the world.

So for now we’ll work through the pillows as hard as bricks, the plague proportion nightly moth attacks, the swollen ankles and the inability to speak the local language (at the moment) and wait to see what unfolds.

Okay, time for me to jump in the pool with the kids!

Chat soon!