While I was in Bali earlier this year, I alluded to the fact that I was going through some rough stuff.

Now by no means does that compare to some of the toughest moments of my life, however it was pretty game changing.

I guess we can either look at these moments from a ‘victim’ stance or we can look at them as a gift.

I always try and do the latter, although it can be pretty difficult to do so sometimes, I’ll admit.

This means getting rid of the ‘poor me’ mentality and moving to a place of:

‘Okay, what’s next then?’

‘What’s great about this?’

‘What’s the potential lesson and what do I want to focus my energies on now?’

For me, once I moved past the anger, I found relief, a sense of freedom and peace, no longer having to deal with a situation completely incongruent to where I am as a human being and what I want out of life. No more pretending I guess. Time to be catapulted yet again into something else that the Universe has install for me it seems.

Focusing on what you love and enjoy also greatly helps to move through these times. For me, that was cooking, working on SFJ plans, focusing on my health and creating balance again.

A last minute, spontaneous trip to Sicily, Italy with friends sealed the past in the past. It was funny, when I first got the invite, the reaction I had.

Immediately I thought and verbalized: ‘I can’t do that!’ I have limited funds and who will look after the kids?

However, I did catch myself, saw the limited thinking and threw my arms up in surrender and thought ‘hey, maybe I can!’ I’ll throw it out there and see what lands.

Well, land it did!

The Universe conspired financially (thank you to ‘you know who you are’) as well as procuring a house/babysitter in the form of my cousin. 

Okay then…. Any more excuses I heard myself ask. Ahhh…. Nope, that was all I had.

Ticket booked!

Not only was it an incredible trip, I remember the moment when I realized Italy had drawn a little, no…. big, line in the sand for me.

This is where you forgive and forget and this is where you move forward. I guess not so much forget, but where you leave it.

Whilst away, I had felt guilty that I hadn’t spent any time writing or making progress on SFJ, that it was all quite indulgent, devouring delicious food, days spent swimming in the luxurious salty, clear waters surrounding the island not to mention the awe inspiring hike up Mt.Etna, sulphur fumes and all.

Turns out I actually didn’t need to be ‘doing’ anything. Turns out I just needed to allow and experience the journey…. Which I can say, I absolutely did! 

So now as part of SFJ’s reinvention, I’m allowing myself to tap more into what inspires me, what drives me, what lights me up, so I can, in turn share that with all of you.

Can’t wait to share my plans with you over the next few months… Something very big is on the agenda.



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