The last time I sat here on this beautiful black sand beach in the far north west of Bali, I had been completely blind sided by a work event and thrown off course and into legal proceedings overnight.


After a four hour drive north in June last year, an afternoon swim and chill out, an early evening and restless sleep, I awoke to an email that changed a big chunk of my world and my plans for the next couple of years.


Whilst my children happily snorkeled, I wrote out 30 pages of notes to send to my solicitor, not wanting to leave anything to chance.


Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a relaxing getaway for me as my mind ran through all the possible options available to me on my return to Australia.


How different it is this time, as I sit here, soaking up this magnificent location. Don’t get me wrong, I could certainly still appreciate it’s beauty last time and even managed a brief snorkel to get my mind off the events unfolding, but now I really get it.


It’s paradise.


It’s serene, peaceful, quiet and quite magical.
I think it would be nice to live here for a few weeks.
I think I’d get my book finished, with not much to do but swim, snorkel, hike and eat.


Hmmmm….. Leave that one with me.


Needless to say the events the events that took place last June had a big effect on the direction of my life. Over many years, I’ve learnt you can either look at events from a victim mode or you can look at them as a gift.


People say I’m lucky, lucky to be living this life in Bali.
Really? Lucky? Perhaps, but to me luck is part optimism, risk taking and openness to opportunity. If you want to call that luck, then go right ahead.
You could also call it following your heart, listening to the Universe, being grateful and just perhaps… manifesting.


The other interesting aspect about being here now at Easter, is that Easter is an extremely poignant time for me. A time when six years ago, my life took another rather dramatic, turn.
That event really started this ‘journey’.
The ‘journey’ that will be the book.


The journey of healing (and all that that encompasses) and most of all, forgiveness.


Forgiveness can be extremely challenging, especially when you’re surrounded by well meaning people that love and care about you… but who don’t understand the concept of forgiveness (only some).


The thing is, people think forgiveness is about the other person, the ‘perpetrator’, but it isn’t.


It’s about you. It’s part of the healing. I’m going to be blunt here, but why would you want to carry your ‘shit’ with you for the rest of your life?
It doesn’t serve you in a positive way at all.
It doesn’t help you grow.
It doesn’t help those that are closest to you. That need you to be the best version of you that you can be.
You want to be the healthiest and happiest version of you, don’t you?
You want to walk in love.
Not in fear, not with resentments, and certainly not with hates.
Not only can that not feel great, I really believe it’s where many diseases manifest their beginnings.


Basically… we need to get over our ‘shit’. Let’s be honest….WE all have some.
AND PLEASE don’t think sweeping it under the carpet is getting rid of it!
It REALLY isn’t.


It needs to be given light. You need to sit with it, work with it and heal it. No one is saying it’s easy… at all. It’s bloody hard, it’s a process, but it’s so worth it!
In the words of L’Oreal… because ‘you’re worth it!’


I guess those events six years ago made it easier to move through last year’s events. Whilst completely different, they were both catalytic moments in my life that required work.


And now I sit here watching my children play in the ocean, breathing the salty sea air deep into my lungs, writing this post with a massive smile on my face.


What do you think?





Much love


(Winks, hugs and love)



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