I know it almost seems as though Easter was a long time ago, however I wanted to share what this Easter meant to me and take you along for more of the journey, so here tis:

It’s Easter Monday as I sit here on my bed, dhal slowly bubbling away on the stove, aromas of ginger and curry permeating the air. Chill out music purchased from Saturdays adventure down to the Crystal Castle floating across the house.

And I realise I’ve achieved very little this Easter and yet so much!

I’ve been battling a nasty lergy for the last week so the energy levels were at an all time low, and still are to be honest. Still working my way through the jumbo box of tissues empathetically sitting on my bedside table.

Knowing my monkeys were leaving on Easter Sunday to head down to Hobart to spend time with their father, grandpa, aunties, uncles and cousins……. also meant I just wanted to chill with them, but also hindered any real ‘getting away’, which in all accounts, was perfectly fine.

Good Friday then became a random day of inspiration. Deciding that there was to be no TV, no computers, no Ipads etc., but instead, a day of creativity.

It started by colouring a beautiful meditation mandala, in bed.
Brunch at the dining table followed, with our backyard laid eggs, dyed and decorated along with a delicious Italian Colomba purchased during a recent trip to Sydney.

Time to revisit my partially completed ‘Leonie Dawson’, Life & Biz workbook that I hadn’t touched since January.

Perhaps you should also have another look at your SoulFood Journey plans while you’re at it, I heard a whisper in my head.
Great Idea!!

Trawling through various notebooks to ensure no ideas had been lost or left behind, whilst jotting down current ideas and thoughts, it hit me!
A perfectly clear strategy completely aligned to not only my skills and all the numerous courses I had studied over this lifetime so far, but importantly, embodying everything that is dear to me and that ‘lights my fire’.

It’s even the name itself. SoulFood Journey.
You idiot I thought!
It’s been there the whole time, just staring you in the face, just waiting for you to see it.
You really do have an awesome sense of humour, Universe.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that these concepts are completely new to me, they’re not. But to see it with such clarity and focus from a business perspective, that was new.

They’ve been there, brewing away for some time now. Slowly braising away on low heat until all the individual components were ready to meld and present themselves as a whole, perfectly balanced, united and sublimely delicious.

That day, there was further inspiration found on our short stroll to a local bookstore and a grounding visit to the Crystal Castle the following day but I felt myself being pulled back into my cave, so after I waved goodbye to my children at the airport on Sunday, I returned. To rest more and to be open to anything else The Universe wanted to throw my way.

It clearly wants me to stay still and devote more time to the inward journey.
So I am. And I’m relishing it.

I feel connected. Connected to an energy that I had almost forgotten existed

I’m writing, reading, tendering to the chickens, cooking, and just taking some much needed ‘me’ time.

That has done so much more for me than any amount of running around could have.

I feel peaceful, have gained clarity, focus and purpose.
Action will follow.

But this Easter was meant for simmering, like the dhal on the stovetop, bringing all the elements together and sometimes you can only do that by being still and allowing the flow.