I have been a professional business woman now for a good 15 years +. (I had also been a Chef in my early 20’s).
I have been a successful sales leader and hold a Post Grad Cert in Management amongst other ‘professional’ achievements. All mainly within the Health field.
Why am I telling you this?
Because I understand what it’s like to juggle a professional career, a family, extra studies etc, etc….
I understand the demands on you physically, emotionally and mentally.
I understand burn out and I understand the guilt that goes with being a ‘working mum’.


During this period of my life, my interest in Holistic Health developed and lead me to studying Holistic Health Coaching.
It brought together my deep interest in nutrition but also looked beyond that one aspect (albeit a critical one) of human wellness, to encompass spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

If we’re in an unhappy relationship or work situation, we know that will also have a tremendous effect on our health, therefore it can’t or shouldn’t be overlooked when addressing someones overall health.

Stress plays a huge role physiologically and there is no question that stress needs to be reduced (when there are high levels of it) in order to maximise our health. That’s where meditation, physical activity and some form of spiritual practice (whatever that means for you) can be of great benefit to your overall health and happiness.


My belief is that this in turn will help in the overall health of the planet. Better individual health & happines = better choices = healthier planet.


I am not an extremist in any form.

I won’t tell you to quit sugar (although I strongly advocate reducing refined, processed foods that generally contain large quantities).

I won’t tell you to become Vegan, Paleo, Raw etc… although I will respect your choices and find the best ways to optimise your health whatever your choices are. There is merrit in all of these choices.


If you eat meat, I WILL encourage you to reduce/consider the amount you currently consume and ask you to choose organic and free range options.

I won’t tell you to become Gluten free (unless you need to be – it is all about the individual), but I will guide you to better choices of gluten containing foods that hold many nutritional benefits and less of the ‘nasties’.

I will definitely ask you to eat less (we’re talking minimal) processed foods, which will automatically reduce much of the ‘nasties’ in your diet.


I will most certainly encourage you to take JOY in REAL FOOD that has been prepared with LOVE.

If you’re looking for a magic pill to ‘fix’ your Health & Happiness, I’m not your girl!

I’m a woman of moderation, of enjoyment, of hopefully aging gracefully, and of trying her best to walk a little bit lighter on this beautiful planet of ours.


I strongly believe our choices can help heal the planet.
I believe in conscious choices.
I believe we as individuals do have power in this.
I believe in Health & Happiness.


If that resonates with you and you feel like you’d like to work with me, you can schedule your FREE 40minute Discovery session here (or you can email me directly at Lisa@soulfoodjourney.com) and we can discuss how I may be able to help you get your health & vitality back. No obligation at all – it’s about seeing if we are the right fit to best serve your health goals.


If all you need is a little bit of a guide to start with and some yummy recipes, then maybe check out my new EBOOK, Health is Happiness (only USD$3.98).







Have a wonderful week

Much love