Hello beautiful friends


I know I’ve been MIA of late, especially here on my blog.

Well, I guess there have been many reasons for that.



After Six months living on the beautiful tropical island of Bali, we packed up our depleted amount of belongings and headed ‘home’. Actually, we don’t really have a home as such. We’re a rather nomadic team of late, although fortunate enough to have beautiful friends that allow us the time to work out the next step of our journey. As Declan, my son, moves into Year 10 next year, we know we need a solid base for him to settle into the last three of high school…. We just don’t yet know where that will be.


I’ve also been busy organizing some exciting One day Retreats in Australia with my gorgeous friend and colleague, Colleen Scott as well as working on some corporate offerings. Readjusting to life in Australia has come with its small challenges too; because it is vastly different to our life in Bali, believe me!


The chaos kind of worked for me, especially the driving. Now I have to readjust to rules! Speed limits, giving way and using the phone, to name a few. Of course, no one drives fast in Bali; the roads just aren’t built for it.


The first day I got back in my old car, I found myself wanting to creep out into the traffic to turn onto a main road, which I had to hold myself back from…. I felt like a racehorse in the starting stalls. I also threw my phone at my poor daughter beside me in the passenger seat when I realized I was checking something, suddenly not wanting a $300 fine and points that go with it. I kind of feel I’ve got the hang of it again, although it’s pretty boring driving.


I really have wanted to sit down and write a post for a while now, but I’ve just found it so incredibly challenging. I still do. There’s been so much to navigate that I’ve really struggled to get back into that ‘headspace’.


I mean let’s face it, this isn’t the most brilliant piece of writing, but hey, it’s where I’m at right now and it’s real and honest, so I hope that’s the most important thing here.



I mentioned I was working on a ‘corporate offering’. It’s a WELLNESS for LEADERSHIP program and I’m happy to say that not only will it be up on the website over the next few days, I also have a few presentations already lined up to the business leadership community for the rest of the year. This really excites me. The fact that there are business leaders/CEO’s ready to open up to this is just awesome to be honest.


Because let’s get real… how can you effectively lead when you’re tired, stressed, feeling like crap etc.?


Health & wellness brings clarity of thought, clearer thinking, greater energy and more creative thinking, which in turn, lead to better decision making, greater productivity and superior outcomes (and yes, I was clearly in the corporate sector for quite awhile when I read that wording!).


We are facing extremely challenging times right now, as I’m sure you’d all agree.

I therefore believe it’s even more imperative that current leaders of organizations, people and government step up and get healthy in mind, body and soul to make better decisions that will help us transition through this time with love, compassion, awareness and inspirational actions.


It’s definitely time to do things differently, yet so many business people look at this as being woo woo, unimportant and unrelated to outcomes and sometimes almost as ridiculous. Yet, it’s probably the most critical, especially right now.

I say broaden your mind and expand your consciousness.



Challenge yourselves, refuel yourselves and grow. Lead yourselves and watch inspired leadership unfold and blossom into something we can all get inspired by.


What a different world it could be. What a different world we could create.


Major changes are taking place globally and we have a choice to make a positive difference or to sit back and get swept along in a current of doom and gloom.


The KEY… to make any change is to begin with ourselves, yet we tend to project.

We look outwards. We point the finger. We blame. We condemn. We constantly look externally and absolve ourselves of personal responsibility.


We have to start turning that view inward. We have to start with ourselves. We must be the change we want to see (I do believe I’m using someone else’s words here, but can’t remember who…. I just know they stuck in my brain), we have to take responsibility.


If we all did this, imagine the impact. If the majority of people took responsibility of their own wellness, in mind, body and spirit… wow! Wouldn’t you want to be lead by people like that? Wouldn’t you want those types of people running organisations and governments?


I’m not talking about having to be extreme juice drinking, dreadlocked (although I am personally partial to the odd dreadlock), and swamp dwelling feral…. I’m talking about Holistic Wellness. We all need it.


Okay, well I’m not sure how this piece of writing turned into that… but clearly I needed to get that off my chest and down onto paper and the ether beyond.


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Need some chill time? Join us for a day of deep nurturing


Have an awesome weekend!


Much love