So I wanted to write a blog about my latest obsession…. Essential Oils!


Turns out they are so much more than Nana’s good old lavender oil that used to leave most of us bedridden with a searing headache after going anywhere near it!


Firstly because that shit wasn’t really essential oil… it was some synthetic, toxic ‘stuff’ that masqueraded as essential oil. In actual fact, lavender essential oil will actually help alleviate a headache not bring it on!


Secondly…. OMG! They do so much more than just emitting an aroma that you’re either going to hate or love.


They heal, physically & emotionally.

They clean.

They nurture.

They can help you relax.

They can help motivate you.

They can help you focus.

And it goes on and on.


Obviously the quality plays a big part and many disguise themselves as pure and are nowhere near that, so you need to do your homework.


Here’s a quick list of my favourite 5 and how I’m using them and what I’ve learnt so far, although by no means is this an exhaustive list on their benefits:



Tea tree:

This is a bit gross to admit to, but I completely healed the disgusting toenail fungus I had endured for the last 5ish years or so… purely by applying tea tree (melaleuca) oil to affected toes everyday.

Whoa! Awesome! The Pharma companies aren’t going to like that one, but it was the only thing that worked due to its anti-fungal properties.

Also great as a natural antiseptic, it was always in my medical kit travelling around South East Asia and definitely whilst living in Bali for all the odd little cuts, scrapes and stings.

One day whilst we were living in Bali, I was stung by a massive big arse wasp and my entire arm blew up like a soccer ball. I applied Tea tree to clean it and take away any nasties and then added some Lavender to stop the itch and calm the skin, which meant I didn’t need to race off to a GP on the torrential rain swept road.



Not just for sending yourself off to slumber land it so turns out, although it is awesome at that due to it’s calming and stress reducing properties.

It’s also awesome for calming skin irritations such as burns, itches, stings, dandruff etc.

I burnt my hand in Bali and besides running it under the cold water for awhile (always do this first), I placed a few drops on my hand to take out the sting so I could sleep and really did help.

Lavender scones anyone? How about some honey and lavender ice-cream?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to ingest so long as you’re using the good stuff.



One of the most versatile oils.

I pop a couple of drops into my water each morning, especially if I don’t have fresh lemons on hand.

I’m starting to also use it in cooking. If I’m wanting to make a dip or anything that needs some lemon… a couple of drops goes a really long way.

I popped it into a beetroot dip the other day and it was delicious.

Great for also popping into a spray bottle with some vinegar as a cleaning agent or in with your floor wash.



I have completely replaced my regular packet of not so healthy mints with peppermint oil.

I put a drop on the back of my hand and give it a lick (try and do it discretely when I’m in public – or not) and it’s better than any mint I’ve ever used. The brand I use also makes little beadlets if you were conscious about licking the back of your hand in public!

The added benefit besides refreshing your breath is the amazing ‘lifting’ experience you get from it.

Perfect for that mid afternoon ‘pick me up’. Place a drop on one palm of your hand, press them together and then cup them over your nose to inhale and BOOM! Trust me… no need for a coffee or chocolate. It’s like someone just rebooted you.

I also cook with this one too, mainly in sweet concoctions, like my chocolate mint bliss balls. The kids love them.

How could I forget headaches!? When I do get the rare headache, I place a drop on my temple regions, making sure I keep it as far back from my eyes as possible (it will sting them and make them water) and lay down for a few minutes with my eyes closed. Works every time.


Wild Orange

Love, love, love wild orange! Another great pick me up oil; it just makes you feel happy when you smell it, so it’s perfect for the diffuser.

It can also be added to the peppermint in the palm of your hand for that mid afternoon pick me up to revive and uplift.

I add it to my soda water (just 1 or 2 drops) and sometimes to my bliss ball creations for that beautiful wild orange zesty flavour.

Also a great one for cleaning… I love cleaning the floors with a few drops added to my natural floor cleaner of choice… it just gives the whole house a happy and cleansed feeling.




I’m now starting to explore so many more such as fennel, cypress, lime, grapefruit and lemongrass just to name a few, so I expect to be giving you a few more tips as I discover more of the amazing healing benefits of essential oils.


Feel free to connect with me if you’re also interested in the healing power of oils or want to ask any questions…. Or just leave your comments about your own experiences so we can all learn from each other.


Much Love