Following on from my last blog post, informing you of my new job, city move and everything that went along with it, I’m now happy to say that we are now well and truly settled in eclectic West End, Brisbane.

I’ve been in my new role for almost 5 months, kids have been welcomed and settled into life at their new school and overall life is pretty good.

I’ve managed to put into practice many aspects of what I preach as a holistic health coach.
And I think that was all part of the Universes grand plan!
Whilst it’s all well and good to talk about keeping balance when one is juggling a career and family, however Miss Lisa… can you actually put into practice yourself… everything you’ve learnt over the last few years?

Hmmmm….. okay, I get it…. yet another test. Okay, bring it on!

So with yet another Universal push, and as you’re all now well aware, I found myself back in the old world of sales and business, wondering how on earth I was going to manage the balance. How much would I have to compromise, of myself, to make this work?
Will their be congruency between my actions and my words? Espousing a balanced lifestyle but personally unable to achieve it? I certainly hope not! But I can’t say I didn’t think this may be the case.

Well, I’m pleased to say that whilst the initial transition was just a little exhausting, I have managed to achieve a good degree of balance in our lives.

I am committed fully to my job – within the appropriate hours, but outside of that? Well, my time is mine. Mine and the children’s.
Of course there’s the odd day when it’s filled with early morning starts and late finishes, but they are not the rule, they are the exception.

Generally I commit to an 8-8.30am start with a 5pm finish, consciously committed to maximising my productivity within those hours.
I prepare, sit and eat breakfast at the kitchen table together with my family most mornings, starting the day in a calm and positive mindset.

I also made the decision to live a quick 15 minute drive from work, allowing us more time together. Now this did mean a much higher weekly rental fee, however time spent with my family…. much more valuable in the grand scheme of things.
School is a short stroll down the street and therefore no need for the crazy before and after school care drop off and picks up from previous years, also facilitated by their growing to an appropriate age to allow for this.
I limit my travel requirements and maximise the time they spend away with their father to do this.

I’m managing to re introduce an exercise regime again as well as a weekly meditation practice.
I’m mostly home in time to cook dinner and relish the time to sit together and discuss the days events as a family.
Weekends are filled with walks, long drives, exploring our new environment or catching up with friends.

As I allow the dust to settle and allow each piece of the puzzle to just slowly bring to life the greater picture, I’m building habits that lead to a balanced, healthy and happy life.

So, can it be done? Can you achieve a sense of balance when juggling the career, family (not to mention single Mum thing) etc?

Yes, you can! Not every single day. And that would be an unreasonable expectation. Life just isn’t like that. There are ups and downs and swings and round abouts’. Lessons to learn at every turn.
However with the right intention and the right habits that bring the intention into life, you can create a life that allows you to feel balance. That delivers on most of our basic human needs.

I was engaged in a recent discussion that prompted some interesting thinking… isn’t time our most precious resource?
If someone wastes our time, are they not stealing from us? We wouldn’t accept someone stealing our possessions and yet these can generally be replaced…. once time is gone… it is not gone?

Enjoying the ride as always
Lisa x

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.
– Carl Sandburg