Oh, I’ve been so neglectful of my baby, SoulFood Journey.

Sincere apologies to all of you that I have neglected, but there’s been a hell of a lot going on and it’s time to share with you.

Now this hurts my pride to say so, but I haven’t been able to make SFJ successful as a full time business and in all honesty, ended up in the worst financial situation of my life, although loving what I was doing.

There are certainly no regrets and I was amazed at how happy I remained throughout all of this. Whilst I new changes had to happen, I remained pretty calm, kept my sense of humour and continued to enjoy the ride.

But changes did have to happen. Big ones. So, I started job hunting. I embarked on a 3 month interview process for an interesting job in Thailand which I almost landed but bombed out in the last round. Disappointed but strongly feeling things happen for a reason, I moved on and stumbled across a job advert that sounded perfect for my skill set, so applied.

After a much quicker process, I landed a job that I love. A job that challenges me, that has scope to achieve so much. A job where I’m trusted and respected and can make a difference. Woohoo!
It is back in the business/sales environment, however the products help people maintain dignity and quality of life in the healthcare setting.

This job however also required a move.
So, I packed up the house, the kids and the car and said goodbye to life on the coast. To my black cockatoos, to my amazing views off the back deck , and incredible sunsets over the valley.
To the friends I had made and the wonderful community of Yandina. To the school, the dancing classes, the local Greengrocer and the list goes on. But it was time for a change. Time to get back to where I can make changes, feel I’m needed and ‘fire’ again.

So, I’m here in Brisbane, West End to be exact and it kind of feels like home, like Melbourne…. Almost.

It’s been a massive 6 months. Selling off furniture to pay the bills, wine collections gone, interviews, and focusing on what would be the next best step, not just financially. I’ve written a small book (not yet published), I’ve had my poetry chosen for publication in a compilation book, I’ve laughed and enjoyed friends and family and I’ve landed on my feet…. As you always do if you believe you can.

And that’s the point. That’s why I managed to retain my joy of the world….. I knew I could turn it around and something would fall into place when I needed it to.

So now as the dust settles and the sun rises, SFJ will be reborn. I will take it back to it’s roots, to what inspires me and what I’m passionate about. Without the financial pressures. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride with me once again.

Baby steps!

Much love