This was such a delicious and incredibly moist cake! Just a reminder also that I normally use organic ingredients too, so you can just take that as a given.  I also used 2 tins and ended up with a loaf as well as a round cake, so great for kids school lunches as well as a treat for friends.

4 Cups Pitted Dried Dates

4 Cups Cold Water

1 tsp Bicarb

150gms Virgin Coconut Oil

1 cup firm dark brown sugar (rapadura/coconut/succanat are all good choices)

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

6 eggs

2  ½ cups Buckwheat Flour

1 tsp aluminium free baking powder (available at health food stores)

½ cup Dessicated Coconut


1)   Preheat oven to 160C or 140C Fanforced

2)   Grease and line a 10inch round tin & a loaf tin or one large 12 round inch tin

3)   Combine Dates and Water in a large pan and bring to boil.

4)   Remove from heat , then add Bicarb and stir and leave to cool (about 20min)

5)   If you have a stick blender, blend the dates in the pan, otherwise transfer to  a food processor and blend.

6)   Beat Coconut Oil, sugar and extract until well combined

7)   Add Eggs one at a time and keep beating.

8)   Add flour & baking powder and then add the date mixture and stir until well combined.

9)   Pour mixture (it will be quite runny) into the greased/lined tin/tins

10) Bake for approx. 40 – 50 mins if using 2 tins or 1 ½ hours if one tin, but make sure you check with a skewer…. If it comes out clean it’s ready. Or you can touch the top of the cake… if it bounces back when you press it, it should be cooked.

Enjoy!!Date Cake photo