No idea why I needed to start with that but just felt a strange impulse to do so, although you’ll have to insert the accent that’s trapped in my head, yourself.


Okay, since my last post we’ve had a few adventures that I can share with you, although we’ve been living a fairly quiet life by most standards. Trying to get the whole ‘home schooling’ thing sorted, trying to get some work/writing done, honing my ‘driving in Bali’ skills…… or….. even more challenging, parking in Bali…. and just trying to blend in and be a ‘local’.


Oh…. and the day we got completely lost! Oh, and the day Ted fell (literally) into our lives.


Well, maybe it hasn’t been as boring or as quiet as I’m making out on reflection.


I might start with Ted.


Ted was a baby rat. Still only a week or so old and hence hadn’t yet managed to open his eyes.


While we were pottering around in our yard, we heard a squeaking noise that we couldn’t seem to identify until Miss P saw a tiny creature hanging by it’s head from the roof thatchings. The body had fallen through but then it’s head was too big and it was left helplessly dangling, unable to save itself.


As we contemplated how to save it, it wriggled enough to free itself. Free itself into an approximate 3 meter fall onto hard tiles.


Arrggghh!! I have to admit it, I looked away as it crashed, thinking it would be splattered across the tiles. Declan leaned over to cautiously inspect the scene and announced there was no blood or guts anywhere.


Miss P then moved in and noticed it was alive.


‘Mum, can I pick it up?’ she asked. Now, Bali is a country that still has rabies and god only knows what else, hence she is now cautious enough to ask before being completely overruled by her love for animals along with her compassionate big heart.


The rat was so incredibly small there was very little chance it could bring any ill harm via a bite, scratch etc, so I said yes.


That somehow led to a rescue attempt to look after and keep this baby rat. Have I mentioned it was a RAT?? Yep…. it took all my love for my gorgeous girl to agree to saving a RAT! My very first instincts when it fell to the ground?


To grab the broom and shovel and gently sweep it up and place it in the garden bed.


Just being honest.


But Miss P teaches me more about compassion everyday and stated that ‘everything deserves love, even if it’s ugly’. Bless her little (huge) heart.


So the rat that fell from the rafters was named Ted and we embarked on a mission to try and save him, without resorting to the vet… that’s where I drew the line.


It looked to have a possible broken leg and one side of it’s skull seemed to swell over the next few hours. Not a great sign. Friends posted links on FB with tips on how to look after and feed such a small helpless creature.


I made a sugar syrup solution and mixed a tiny bit of milk into it which it sucked out of a corner of a small piece of sponge to get it through until we could get to the supermarket to get a soy infant formula which apparently worked quite well for baby rats. Go figure!


We made a bed for it, learnt how to bath it, keep it going to the toilet so it didn’t end up with toxic poisoning and mostly, gave it lots of love.


Ted seemed to be doing okay after a couple of days and we thought we may have a new pet, much to my internal horror.


Unfortunately, the very next morning I was awoken to Miss P running into my room saying she thought Ted was dead.


After close inspection, I had to confirm the news to poor Miss P. Ted had died overnight in his sleep. Perhaps he had sustained far greater injuries than we thought, although it was a pretty big fall for such a small creature. Maybe it was the ‘feed’, maybe we hadn’t made it warm enough, maybe it was too warm? Who knows.


We held a funeral and buried him in the garden, placing a frangipani and a stone over his tiny little grave. Miss P was inconsolable.


Why, why, why? Life’s not fair! etc etc.


All I could do was give her hugs and offer her a few wise words about death, being grateful of the time you do have…. you know the ones. But I also didn’t want to belittle her experience. It was important to let her learn this lesson and feel what she needed to feel.


‘Why haven’t you cried?’ she asked me the following day.


Well, it’s not because I’m not sad at his passing… but because I know how to switch perspective into one where I can say it was a lovely experience that he came into our lives, knowing he got to live out his last couple of days in a caring and loving environment and that you got to teach… and show me more about compassion.


I’m sad but grateful.

(or it was something close to this effect)


‘Why do you keep coming up with all these wise words?’… rhetorically asked.


Ha! Just a longer life lived honey! (Although the first night was tough. She didn’t want me to go to sleep incase I died overnight too, so I got her to sleep next to me and assured her all would be fine).


Here’s to Ted!


Ted 1






















I might leave the post to this and include the other ‘adventures’ in another one…. If you’re like me I tend to give up on posts that are too long…. so maybe it’s more about my attention span than yours!


Much love as always