The fear is rising

Overwhelming and enveloping me

Am I taking a wonderful risk

with the potential to change my reality

To one of freedom, peace and happiness

A life born of the heart

Or is it a reckless decision?

One that will see our beautiful little family

Destitute, stranded..

A terrible mother risking her children’s future

Or a mother trying to instill in her children

Desire and courage to chase their dreams

To risk big and chase hard, never giving up.

Which side of the coin is it?

I’m putting my money on the latter

However it doesn’t mean the fear isn’t there

Doesn’t mean the fear isn’t real

So why do I continue?

What stops me giving in to it?

I’m really not entirely sure

Even on the days I doubt everything

There must be a deep seeded belief

Belief that I might actually pull this off!

That this is my defining moment in time

That if I give up now….

There won’t be another chance

That I’ll live forever wondering

Maybe even with regret

I look for inspiration

I find it in so many manifestations

JK Rawlings – family living in the car

Persisting and believing after so many rejections

Rejections that would have deflated and stopped so many others

Sylvester Stallone living homeless with a vision

A vision to star in the very movie he wrote. A complete unknown

Christopher Columbus

The courage and belief that journey must have taken!

Thor  Heyerdahl and the voyage of the Kon-Tiki

Amelia Earhart!

These are the people I look to for inspiration when I’m scared

Scared of risking it all

Scared of failing my children

It’s not about having no fear

That’s impossible or a sign of insanity I think

It’s about riding with it.

Asking what’s real and what’s not

Putting it through the checks and balances


Having the courage to move forward in spite of it

Courage is never present when there’s no fear

Courage is only possible when there is fear.