As most of you might know by now, the last month has been an immense journey of growth for me.


I actually can’t believe it’s only been one month! I keep looking at the dairy and thinking ‘surely I haven’t done all that in just one month!?.

Yep… just one month.


Hooley Dooley!


You’ll know from my last post that part of this last month was spent in the gorgeous Hunter Valley with the beautiful Ryan Heart, learning about mountain medicine and doing some of my own deep diving, so I don’t need to go there again.


My month has been filled with running our gorgeous One day retreats, catching up with family and friends in my hometown of Melbourne, road tripping back up to the Sunshine Coast via Mallacoota for a night by the fire, Sydney for some ‘catch up and re-group’ time, the Hunter, Brisbane and finally Coolum.


The drive from Melbourne to the Hunter allowed some time to just breathe and process after an extremely hectic week in Melbourne and to soak up and reconnect with this stunning country we are lucky enough to call home.

Watching seals swimming playfully around the lake in Metung, breathing in the wonderful stillness at Gypsy Point, candle hunting in Tilba, devouring a dozen oysters in Narooma and then finally arriving in Sydney.


Next was the Hunter Valley. You can read about here if you haven’t already done so. Just click the link below.

Mountain healing, Heart connections and Ryan Heart


Brisbane via a one night stop over in Glenn Innes, a coffee in Tenterfield and finally arriving in Brisbane to set up and run another one day Retreat.


Now, I have to say, it’s not an easy task to get people to invest in themselves. In their own wellbeing. Most find it easy to spend their dollars on a night out with friends or a new pair of shoes (all valid ways to spend your money mind you), easily able to justify those expenses. However when it comes to investing in their own emotional, soulful, spiritual and mental wellbeing? Well, for some reason it sadly can seem a last priority, which really doesn’t make much sense to me.


Therefore, I am forever in admiration and gratitude for the brave souls who do ‘show up’. Show up for themselves. Not for me, not for their employer, not for their friends and family (although it will be of benefit to all of those), but for themselves!

To really give life the best shot they can. To bravely choose to learn how to connect into their hearts and live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.


Doing the ‘work’ that I now do, as a Wellness Coach, well, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed ‘work’ so much as I do right now. It’s so rewarding and fulfilling on a level that I never imagined.

And as I help others learn tools and techniques that will help them in their daily life, I’m also learning and growing. It’s such an awesome thing to be a part of. To bare witness to people opening up, releasing, letting go, acknowledging, trying and just bloody showing up, fills my heart with so much love and gratitude.


This is the work I do and love and this is how my clients feel after they attend our workshops/retreats:


  • Awesome, awesome, awesome! Beautiful people.’
  • ‘Gave me the tools to achieve my goals’
  • ‘Informative & soulful and left me wanting more of the same’
  • ‘Great range of physical and emotional tools for everyday life’
  • ‘This workshop was designed for me. So many ways to de-stress, nurture & self care. Thank you for a lovely day.’ – Catherine
  • ‘What a relaxing and centering day. Open and informative. I’m leaving refreshed and focussed. Thank you.’ – Elizabeth.
  • ‘I’m so glad I had the chance to experience this journey with amazing, beautiful women.’ – Krystal
  • ‘Found the event was an enlightening experience on how to release negativity and in self love and healing’ – Janette


Cool huh?!


I grow through these experiences too. So much. We all teach each other. We learn from each other. Our experiences, our sharing, our lessons. It’s such a beautiful thing.


You may now be thinking one week in Melbourne, five days in Brisbane, two full one-day retreats, three days in the Hunter and a road trip surely has to be it.



I was also called to revisit Reiki. It’s been calling me for a long time now and the time feels right to pursue it further. To offer treatments.

I completed Reiki 1 in 2013 and then Reiki 2 in 2015 and decided to advertise a September ‘introductory offer’ for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast clients.

It’s gone gangbusters!


Then, as the Universe supports us when we truly follow our hearts, my Reiki master just happens to invite me along to attend her next Reiki Level 2 training day on Saturday as a refresher. Awesome! Yes, I’ve already done it but I’m in a very different place and as I’m all for continuous growth, I was certain I’d be able to delve a bit deeper and uncover what ever was presenting for me now.


Far out! That was an interesting move!


The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle all coming together, not by force or effort but through synchronicity, flow and magnetism. More layers exposed to shed and release, moving closer in alignment with my life purpose.


Wow! Bring out the Frankincense!


Suddenly my diary is filling and I’m feeling blessed to be working with so many wonderful clients, new and not so new, offering Personal Wellness Coaching, Essential Oils workshops, AromaTouch massages and our fabulous retreats.


Why am I suddenly so busy?


Because I’ve tapped into my heart. I’m listening and I’m aligned.

I’m dropping the last vestiges of the old corporate programming, the very ‘un-divine’ masculine energy that I operated in for so long. Pushing and trying to control everything.

I’ve also stopped trying to do everything on my own and I’m partnering with some amazing and beautiful people.

I’m so happy. I’m connecting. I’m flowing and allowing. And that’s what resonates. It’s what others see. They want the truth, they want to see your/our hearts and I’m finally happily showing it at a level I haven’t (or rarely) done before.


What a fricken HUGE month!


I don’t have any dates finalised for our one-day retreats as I write this however we will be scheduling some soon.

If you’re interested in a more in depth and expansive retreat that combines some travel, check out the Bali Retreat in November here:

Places are truly limited as I will only be taking 6-8 people to keep it a personal and intimate experience.

I’ll be offering free webinar soon to learn more about it, so keep your eyes peeled for that


Much love for now



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