Well it’s certainly been an interesting and entertaining few weeks.


Adjusting to life in a new country is worlds apart from holidaying in exactly the same location, as was confirmed to me by some lovely, now locals, that we happened to meet buying ice cream on NYE. When I happened to mention my challenges to them they just smiled and nodded emphatically. I did find that rather reassuring I have to tell you.


When you’re on holiday you don’t ask how the electricity connects or what it costs in your lovely little villa.


You put international roaming on your phone and have no intention of working through the details of acquiring a local SIM.


You are completely oblivious as to the challenges of cooking 3 meals per day on what we would consider rudimentary camping equipment ….. and what I would do for a washing machine! Front or top loader, not really fussed.


Having said that, my local laundry is operated by a family that puts a smile on my face every time I stroll past, with their loud and enthusiastic ‘hello’s’ and ‘how are you today’s?’


I have to admit, I’ve felt extremely unsettled here for the first few weeks and have struggled to immerse myself in my writing and creative flow.


Whilst the house we hired for the first month is a rather large and brand new house, has an awesome pool and lovely landlord, it hasn’t felt homely at all.


We have therefore made the decision to move to another house on the other side of town, which has a very different feel about it.

Perched amongst the rice fields in an area called Pejeng. It’s new, quaint and comfy.

It’s on the complete opposite side of Ubud compared to where we currently are but it feels perfect.


I can see & feel my meditation space, my writing space and our evening family chill out time.


I can also see myself pottering around the rice fields on my morning walks surrounded by the rice paddy ducks and the odd passerby.


I have often found myself wavering in my conviction to my inner calling whilst here too. Questioning and wondering what the hell I am doing!?


‘You can’t pull this off!’ I hear that familiar pesky little voice saying, only it was quite loud this time.


‘Who the hell do you think you are?’


‘You’re going to fail, so why not just quit now and save yourself the trouble?’


Ugh!! My ‘fuck offs’!” seem to have less force behind them and I did end up spending much time entertaining these limiting and quite frankly, bloody annoying voices.




As the Universe would have it (seems to be good with it’s timing, although sometimes I do wish it was a little bit quicker), I receive 2 messages within a day of each other, one from a dear friend across the world and one from a beautiful acquaintance. Both offering amazing and inspiring words of encouragement, support and praise.


These words couldn’t have come at a more poignant time in my life and I struggle to articulate just how very grateful I am for them.


The following day we decided to take ourselves off for a much awaited massage (first one since our arrival in Bali 3 weeks ago).


After our lovely treatments, we decided on a delicious fresh pineapple juice in the stunning grounds overlooking lily ponds and rice fields.


As we were leaving to pay the bill, the Australian manager/owner asks us how our treatments were.


Somehow the conversation progresses to my retreats/camps and I run an idea past her. She gives me great positive feedback and further insights and I’m suddenly back on track.


Suddenly back believing in what I’m doing and excited to finally be able to present my ‘Health is Happiness’ Bali Camps.


So, yes, I’m supposed to be here right now (actually Gili Meno at this exact moment in time, exploring/researching more of Bali with the kids and a friend) and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be bringing my little baby that’s been incubating for quite some time now….. and here she is!


 Health is Happiness Bali Camp


Lots of love & gratitude from Bali